,, eSafety4eTwinners - web 2.0 and social media use eTwinners 4 preventing school dropout " was presented by Lucian Duma, founder of this project at Innovators Forum in Education organized by Microsoft, EOS , MECTS .

Here is a presentation made by Ionut .

eSafety4etwinners_logo.pngThrough this project we want to develop XXI century skills for students using in a eSafe mode new tehnologies in education 2.0 and in this way we can prevent school dropout because our students love to be on-line in a technology world . This project was selected from 80 projects in Ten Best Practices in teachers’ competition for Social Media use in Formal Language Learning Contexts " and obtain 2 European Quality Label . If you are a eTwinner and you are a hardworker partener and your students are passionate to use new technologies you are welcome to join and contact me luciane_twining@yahoo.com




Brochure Teaching with #socialmedia in classroom settings ls6 2012 #edtech20

In nowadays society where science and information known a spectacular development and use of new web 2.0 and social media applications is no longer regarded as an avant-garde movement our students should be able to handle in the creative use of computer and online free tools represents a necessity in XXI Century Education . Today more than ever is observed a conversion worldwide of educational content in a digital form and this products are available to anyone, anywhere and anytime through eLearning technology. Interactive presentations like glogster edu and digital school lessons make a centered student who live in a learning envirolment and virtual education has become a phenomenon in education in last years. Training and professional development must be guided and monitored also for disadvantaged childrens because for this students classic access to information is not avaible . In the era of Internet and development of new technologies although my students and other students who have problems are children with special educational needs, at risk of school droppout XXI Century Skills can help them integrate into society .. Web 2.0andsocial mediacan bring a new dimension and can reform education around the word because electronic communication helps teachers and students to learn from each other. These technologies can stimulate discussion, open gateway to knowledge, promoting creativity and innovation for effective lifelong learning . Teacher and also students should have an entitlement to safe internet access at all times.
Pulling Piaget and Papert , the use of participatory media tools in education is typically geared towards, creating a more student centered, adaptive environnement where learners can contribute to the course material, formulate and express their own insights and opinion, construct their own understanding of material by connecting concepts, to personal experience or current events, and learn from one another in collaborative environments .Web 2.0 , social media and other digital and information technologies are powerful and interesting tools, which open up new opportunities for everyone and for this reason teachers and students must know how to use it nowadays in a safe mode

In the same time students are happy to came at schools where they learn about new tools and apps web 2.0 and social media and also they learn how to integrate in a safe mode new digital technologies in their classroom ,and this may prevent early school dropout . Although there are students with special needs , if they develop digital skills easier to integrate into the labor market today as most employers require computer literacy skills when hiring.

Through this project we want to develop XXI century skills for students using in a eSafe mode new tehnologies in education 2.0 . If we use with our students new tools and applications web 2.0 and social media we open for them gateway through knowledge .

- Known and share each other culture;

- Explore Web 2.0 tools for education;

- Acquire skills for the XXI century http://www.p21.org/ );

- Learn to communicate and work collaboratively;

- Improve skill language

This project was launch in 2011 by Special School Caransebes Romania .

We will collaborate on this wiki http://e-safety4etwinners.wikispaces.com/ and for a good collaboration we have also a PLN http://e-safety4etwinners.mixxt.eu/ where students involved in this project will collaborate on-line .

For a good collaboration we will use in the project Pligus https://www.pligus.com/room/edtech20 and skype . Next activities will be developed by the parteners :

November : Students introduction using voxopop group **http://tinyurl.com/e-Safety4eTwinnersvoxopopgroup** and also in november students will learn about e-Safety internet and new tehnologies from http://www.esafetykit.net/ . For a good collaboration and easy and safely sharing for students involved in this project we will use a facebook group

We have also a flickr group for parteners in this project to know better .

December : Students celebrate Christmas : they make paintings , drawings , sing carols . videos and presentation .

January , February :Students will learn to use and to make safely glogster edu presentation http://edu.glogster.com/

the best edtool in education in XXI Century . We will use photos , videos and other presentations with students work and activities .

Mars : Animation 2.0 safely in education . Here students can chose a animation tool to make a presentation related to eSafety like this for example http://www.xtranormal.com/watch/7344919/ reading about : eSafety http://www.saferinternet.org/ , on-line safety 3.0 , and rules in cyberspace http://www.cybercrime.gov/rules/rules.htm , http://kids.getnetwise.org/kidsites/ .

students will use the tools from **http://www.aviaryeducation.com/** and they make a logo for this eTwinning project .

April : Students will learn how to use and collaborate safely on-line with parteners using google apps and tools : http://edu.googleapps.com/ , Tag clouds safely in education : students will make tag clouds using tools like : wordle , tagxedo , tagul , word mosaic .http://tinyurl.com/tagcloudsineducation

May : Students will learn to use safely glogster edu http://edu.glogster.com/

June : Conclusion . Every partener must make a Power Point Presentation related to e-Safety in education and this presentation will be uploaded on SlideShare , https://docs.google.com/ , http://www.authorstream.com/ and after will be posted on our wiki and PLN .Also we will use http://www.wallwisher.com/and we will make groups on http://linoit.com/home where students will post some words about their favorite resources related to e-Safety .