My students and I have been working on Glogster EDU penpals' account for 2 years with some pen pals from America. Also we are members in many collaborative projects listed on our EnglishClasroom wiki. Great honour for us is to be partners on Lucian Duma from Romania and Miguela Fernandes from Portugal project 'eSafety4eTwinners' - for web 2.0 and social media use.

external image 2013-03-10_1833.png

Our blogs on checkthis - something that kids asked Santa, maybe next year he will bring - this year the prize went to the other place :)

Source: via Rose on Pinterest

Happy Christmas glogging - creative and funny way of expressing our Christmas wishes for better and happier New 2013 Year - click on the image bellow to see kids' glog flow=external image 2013-03-14_1958.png=

Our Easter is like Romanian, just by Orthodox ritual and this year a little bit later than other Easters. Read here more and enjoy the gloggy! Happy Easter, Penpals!

Happy Easter from Nicol
Happy Easter from Dani