Merry Christmas to all of you from Bulgaria.

We present here our Christmas activities on a glog . You can see how my students 'painted' Christmas. Click each glog on the 'notice-board'. There is also a glog presentation (click the first note on the board`s upper corner to see it). These are works of my fourth graders. You can also listen and watch my third graders singing Christmas carols. Enjoy!

What pupils have learned on the site SAFETY e-KIT?

Using a glog for setting up the task and LINOIT wall for a feedback.

On gloggies my students and me put together some Bulgarian evergreens.

This is their intention, not task given by me, the teacher, which shows their great interests in music, the creative side they have and their strong willingness to express it. Also they showed their incredible for ten year old kids skills to work with such a web tool like Glogster, using text, images, videos and audio files to show and express their creativity and interests. Enjoy their glogs!
external image 2013-03-10_1803.png